Why This Title: Don’t Wreck Your Neck!

In the first few chapters of this booklet, I will describe what I believe to be a public health hazard that is already underway. In fact, if this was an infectious disease organism, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) would be making dire predictions of worldwide impact about this upcoming tsunami of human suffering.

Because this health condition is not an infectious ailment, because a vaccine cannot be manufactured to prevent it, it will get no major media attention.

Sadly, this health problem is happening to you and almost everyone you know. And to your children and grandchildren. It is going to have a great impact on health and well-being around the world in the years to come.

I call it a neck-idemic—neck epidemic—that takes time to develop and leads to pain, reduced mobility and the loss of work and play time for millions of people. Many could be forced into neck surgery which may or may not be successful and often leads to additional problems. The dollar costs of this neck-idemic worldwide are immense and will only grow over time. The good news is that it is completely preventable and reversible if each individual takes on some simple and easy to understand actions. This booklet contains some basic ideas to prevent and reverse this unhealthy neck condition, which will be explained in detail shortly. It is common knowledge that professional athletes develop arthritis in their knees or hips or shoulders depending upon the sport. Professional ballet dancers usually get arthritis in their feet and hips. Both these groups of performers begin to show degenerative changes in their joints in their 30s or 40s because they start their demanding careers at a young age and they experience trauma to their joints during their entire careers. Degenerative arthritis results when the body tries to stabilize itself at the joints where repeated trauma or over-use has resulted in abnormal movement.

Don't Wreck Your Neck!, book cover

Don’t Wreck Your Neck!
A Message for the Digital Era

What about the rest of us who do not compete or perform on that level?

All of our joints are also subject to the daily wear and tear that comes with ordinary living. Usually, we can expect to see the first signs of joint degeneration starting in our 40s and 50s. What I have called the neck-idemic is a condition that will cause a degenerative process in the neck to begin earlier and earlier. Perhaps beginning in the 30s, because of abuse to the neck starting in childhood. It sounds unthinkable for such a young person to exhibit early signs of spinal joint damage, but with the neck changes that go along with the neck-idemic, the stage is set for early-onset arthritis and degenerative joint disease and all the suffering they will cause. Every single one of my patients has heard me talk about their own individual case of neck-idemic. They have heard me say over and over again: “This is how to save your neck. Please take me seriously.”

About the Author

Dr. Rosenberg graduated from chiropractic school in 1976 from the Columbia Institute of Chiropractic, renamed the New York College of Chiropractic. She moved west and opened her practice in Capitola, California on January 2, 1978.

Since that beginning, Dr. Rosenberg has treated patients of all ages, fitness levels, lifestyles and eating habits. She has treated motor vehicle and employment accident victims, weekend warriors, competitive bodybuilders, couch potatoes, bus and truck drivers and those who have had repetitive-use injuries. She has treated the rich and the poor and everyone in between. All her patients received customized treatments. Despite Dr. Rosenberg’s intent to treat each person as a unique individual, she discovered that there are certain universal truths about everyone’s spine. This booklet will take a look at those universal truths, the things that apply to just about everybody.

Dr. Rosenberg has written Don’t Wreck Your Neck! to explain what she has told her patients through almost four decades of practice. Everything you will read is field-tested with actual patients. The patients who made small, simple changes in their posture reaped great rewards. There are two parts to this booklet. Part One is about the neck. Part Two is called Don’t Wreck Other Important Places and tells about the way she helped her patients with other problem areas of their bodies.

Don't Wreck Your Neck author, Dr. Gail Rosenberg

Dr. Gail Rosenberg